Fun Shopping, comfortable and affordable accommodation at Grand Park Otaru

This trip we went a bit far to Hokkaido, where everyone says it's peaceful and happy there. We obsorbed the atmosphere at romantic Otaru Station.  When we passed Otaru Chikko Station, we noticed this place has ferris wheel! We then parked the car and got off to explore.1When we walked out of the station, we were stunned by the very big ferris wheel. It went so slowly so you could fall asleep on it, but it was worth paying money because of how slow it is! Haha. Let's walk more.2345Continued with a big shopping mall next to Wing Bay Otaru station. It was so big that we didn't think this small city had. But we have found it!  There are so many shops inside including Aeon mall that Thai people like us like so much. Next we would go to the hotel next to this mall.6Have you ever searched for a hotel? Should we stay at Otaru or close to Otaru? Let's take a look what's interesting.7We have made mistakes choosing hotels from the internet photos because we couldn't tell which ones are good. It caused us headache.  So we'll tell you about this hotel because we had made mistake choosing a hotel before!  Who wants to stay near Otaru and need a cheap but comfortable place, Grand Park Otaru is the place. It is not too far from Otaru.  The atmosphere is nice and convenient. In the morning we can go for a walk in Otaru until we head back.   If you don't really want to obsorb the quiet atmosphere of Otaru, stay at Grand Park Otaru Hotel because it's close to Otaru Chikko Station by 5 minutes walk.  Along the way there are many cheap shops for our shopping at the mall, cinemas and also many facilities.   The highlight of this hotel is the view of the bay that is very natural and beautiful. The room is big but not expensive. It's suitable for taking a rest.  We recommend this place because it's just 15 minutes from Otaru station. We stayed in Otaru before, and for tourists like us, we prefer this place with facilities than a very quiet place. Just a bit further from the station.8For more information Click! > Grand Park Otaru HotelMoreover, food at this hotel is good. Normally I don't like hotel food but this place is good enough and we can choose available famous dishes.91011Who stays here must be impressed with the beauty of the hotel, atmosphere and shopping mall along the way.  For tourists like us, good food, comfy room and excellent atmosphere are all for vacation, right?Admin May Yamap MaichaiGuruTokyo