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After the open door policy Japan applied for the rest if the world in economy aspect in the latter half of 19th century, Nagasaki flowered one of the most major ports and prosperous cities in Japan with a huge number of foreign residents. The strong European influence has been remained quite clearly in Nagasaki. Consequently, the city rose its prominence to public attention as a stunning city with combination of Western and traditional aesthetics. During your visit in Nagasaki, it is easy to catch Western style structures that were built long ago. Now, we take you to Glover Garden, where preserved Japan’s Western style houses.gg2




As a sophisticated international port in history, Nagasaki attracted a great number of foreign traders who decided to make their homes here, thus, suitable housings were required. A number of houses were built in Meiji period (1868- 1912) on a hill commanding a bird eye view of the entire Nagasaki and the harbor. Today, it has been developed into Glover Garden. In other word, Glover Garden is an open air museum which exhibits Western residents’ mansions in Nagasaki. With total area of 33 square kilometres , it is home to nine buildings and houses, but everything was not here all along. Some of structures stand on their original sites and some have been relocated in Glover Garden. To reach here, you can catch go by tram, car or walk from Nagasaki airport which all takes approximately 15 minutes. It was named after Thomas B. Glover- an extraordinary Scottish entrepreneur who made great contributions to Japan’s modernization progress. He brought first steam locomotive to Japan, sold guns and ships, exported tea, managed ship repair yard and founded a beer company, a predecessor of today’s Kirin Beer. Applying his wealth of experience, Glover became a successful businessman and an important figure in Japanese economy and politics.



gg5Cre: makes Glover Garden one of the leading tourist destinations in Nagasaki lies in its distinctive foreign features blended brilliantly with traditional influence. Walking on white brick road, you can see behind greenery trees are historical houses, which makes a remarkably picturesque scene. Stone and clapboard houses have Italian stone floored terraces, Western living rooms, chimneys and Japanese tile roof. Noticeably, Glover garden feature the best known as well as Japan’s oldest European style residence- Glover house. The mansion was built in 1863 and believed to be the inspiration for Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly. As a result, statues of statues of Puccini and diva Miura Tamaki, who cast as Chouchou san, have been put in Glover Garden. In pursuit of perfection, there is a beautiful garden with a small pond which houses to different sea creatures. The water is so clear that you can even see fish or turtles swimming around. To add more fun, you are even allowed to feed Koi fish. Before continuing your exploration, why don’t you take a break? There are bench chairs along the road. Listening to tickling water from ever green garden, enjoying your favorite drink while breathing pure atmosphere are unforgettable moments.gg8Cre: tourist attraction is The Ringer House which was built in 1865 by Frederick Ringer. He is a British man who has huge interest of tea trade and construction in Japan. Standing on foundation stones brought from Vladivostok in Russia, The Ringer House features a huge collection of photos, clothes and artifacts of Teiko Kiwa, a Japanese opera singer playing Madame Butterfly. Besides that, you will feel utterly amazed at classic yet luxurious interior decoration of the house. Moreover, Former Mitsubishi No.2 Dock house is an interest place to visit. Built in 1896, this dock house rose to its prominence for a ship crew resting place while their ships were being repaired at shipyard. From the desk, it offers a fantastic view to the harbor. Other than mentioned spots, Glover garden has other well known ones that are worth spending time, such as Alt House, Walker House, Museum of traditional performing arts, or Old Hong Kong and Shanghai bank building…gg10Cre: is a special city that blended well foreign and traditional Japanese elements and Glover garden is one of the best representatives of Nagasaki. With two million visitors year on year, Glover garden is undoubtedly a top tourist attraction that promises to add an unforgettable chapter in your travelling journal.

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