Fushimi Inari Shrine / Most important of the rice god shrines in Kyoto


Fushimi Inari is a shrine in southern Kyoto

Loved by nature enthusiasts

Fushimi Inari is most visited by people interested in hiking the many trails in the mountains that are covered by torii gates. This hike is 2-3 hours in length roundtrip to see the summit. About half way up the mountain, there is a change in the path where it turns into a circular path going to the summit of the mountain. Also at this point, there is a great view to be had of the nearby cities. The gates covering the trails diminish in number closer to the summit.hushimiinari2hushimiinari4

Not just for the hikers

This shrine is not just for those who seek the views and hiking the mountain, it is also for those who wish to see pieces of history or to worship and pray to the god. Shinto, the god to whom this shrine is dedicated, was originally know as the god of rice, but was later seen to be ruling commerce as well. Many people who are looking to do well in business visit this shrine to pray to the god for success. The Fushimi Inari shrine dates back to before 794 when the capital claimed Kyoto as home.hushimiinari5hushimiinari6

Great historical story

Beieved to have been built in 711, Fushimi Inari has a rich historical impact. Built by Hata-no-Irogu who came to Japan from mainland Asia, this shrine was administered by the Hata family for many generations. This is known as the headquarters of the Inari shrines, which total 40,000 throughout Japan. The god that this shrine is dedicated to is Uka-no-mitama, whom many people now pray to at the beginning of the year for prosperity and happiness throughout the year.hushimiinari7

Access/ How to go to Fushimi inari

Just across from the JR Inari station on the JR Nara Line, this shrine is easy to access. A slightly longer walk, the shrine is accessable from the Fushimi-Inari station on the Keihan Main Line.


■Hours: Always Open■Access: 68 Fukakusa-Yabunouchi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto■Tell: 075-641-7331■URL: http://inari.jp/

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