Enjoy Fuji Q Highland, followed by onsen and spa at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa

Many of you might have heard the name of Fuji Q in Yamanashi province. Many people might have known when they visited Fuji mountain on the 5th floor and saw the amusement park at the entrance on the 1st floor. You might think it's just one part of the 'Fuji' experience, just some additional attractions so you have something to do there. But no, not at all, Fuji Q Highland is an independent superb attraction of its own.fujiq_1Highlights of this park are the scary rides like roller coaster that looks as if it's as tall as Fuji (when you look at it from the amusement park, you feel like it's the same height like how you see it in the photo.) And many other rides that are, in one or another way, Guinness World Record breaker. For example, Eejanaika. Eejanaika is the roller coaster with the most inversions in the world. Throughout the ride, the riders go through 14 inversions. Or Takabisha, which is famous for having a drop angle of 121° that makes it the steepest coaster in the world.If you are bad with coasters, I wouldn't recommend riding them, but if you are a fan of crazy thrilling roller coaster, make sure you don't miss them.In Fuji Q, there is also a very famous haunted house, raved as the scariest haunted house in Japan, you shouldn't miss this (If you are a fan, I'm not so I have no comment here lol). There are also rumors circling around that many people were haunted not by staffs disguised as ghosts only but real ghosts too, so... be my guest! Whether it's true or not, you can try prove it by yourself.Even though, Fuji Q as an amusement park is fun to talk about and of course to go to, we have some other places we want to recommend you today. Why waste the time to go there just for amusement park when you can spend the whole night relaxing next to Fuji Mountain view. Oh, and the hotel has amusement park ticket as a plus. You can just buy them in packages!For details for Highland Resort Hotel & Spa > ClickYou can find more information about travelling there from the link.fujiq_2This hotel has 3 strong points that I like.- The ticket to Fuji Q is included in the promotion and we can go there earlier than other people to be on the queue. Although some rides are not included and we need to pay extra but considering the hotel cost, it's worth the price for me, additionally, you get the ticket to Fujiyama Museum as a plus.- Onsen and the room are very nice. Fujiyama Onsen is large and room looks beautiful from both sides, from Fuji and amusement park.- Additional service like shuttle bus and breakfast. Normally breakfast in Japanese hotels are nothing spectacular, but this place the food is good and the staffs are friendly.fujiq_3Onsen here is very wide and the mineral water has beautiful colour. It feels so good relax here after your tiring day at the amusement park.Breakfast here is good but there are also other restaurants in the hotel. I like the cartoon style one and the cakes here are also delicious.fujiq_4Once you're done with the park, if you don't have time, don't go far. Visit Fuji and chill out here. The great view of Fuji is more than enough.Access to Fuji Q and hotel:To go there, we will start from taking a bus. I was a bit excited even though this is not my first time. As you already might have heard, the easiest and most popular way of going to Fuji from Tokyo is to take bus, usually from departed from Shinjuku. However, there are more bus stops lately, such as Shibuya and Tokyo station. The trip should takes around 2-2 and a half hour. Almost, if not all, of the bus that heads to Kawaguchiko Lake will pass Fuji Q. You can reserve your bus ticket here.fujiq_5fujiq_6fujiq_7We already checked in! Let me show you some photos of how things look like here.Another view from Fuji side.fujiq_8Today we didn't have dinner but we did took some pictures. Fuji Mountain is visible from the hotel. I really liked it and the atmosphere was quite luxurious.fujiq_9fujiq_10Kids' dishes were so cute! Kids must love to eat food here. There's Thomas's room for kids as well. We took a glance but didn't stay so we didn't take any photos. We were too old for kids' rooms. Hehefujiq_11This hotel was a good place to take kids to because apart from amusement park, both kids and adults would enjoy it!fujiq_12That's all I could capture.Personally I think the highlight here is the cakes. I really really liked it!fujiq_13Look at the cakes. They looked veryyyy yummy. We couldn't choose but we had 5 people so we just bought a lot and share.fujiq_14This was what I bought as a gift for people at home:)fujiq_15fujiq_16This one was also the gift to take away. My friends said it was very good. I bought two rolls for them.Overall, the room was lovely. Also the restaurant was decorated by anime characters. Cute!fujiq_17Then we dined here. This is why we didn't reserve the table for dinner. We would like to have freedom to choose our own food!I was full from dessert but felt so good. The cartoon character dolls are so big. I love them!fujiq_18For the room, we stayed here on that day. We chose the amusement park side so we can't see Fuji. But the view of Fuji Q at night was also spectacular.We didn't take many photos of the room. But you can see more from the hotel site at the end of this article.fujiq_19I know a lot of people know Fuji Q, but I don't think everybody knows what kind of stuffs they offer at the hotel, which is as equally interesting. In that sense, I hoped I have present to you today, something a little bit different.Staying here is not too expensive. The service is good and the view is excellent, and not too far from Tokyo. Most importantly girls liked it a lot. I went with 5 of my friends, all girls, we all totally love it. And they have a triple rooms for 3 girls to stay together too! Don't miss it if you are on a trip with your friend, or even on lovey dovey trip with your lover.Additionally, those who don't want to stay overnight can also use onsen service. Ask hotel's counter for more information.Hotel's information > ClickBut if you are interested, I recommend you to stay a night. XOAdmin Nana MaichaiGuruTokyo