Buffet Seafood, big size crab in the heart of Yokohama Fisherman’s Market

For who love buffet you gonna love this place for sure, because they have seafood and of course crab too!IMG_4609who love crab would be scream out lost your mind, because they have best taste crab and their sweet dipping sauce is good too, so it is buffet but even I mention about crab but they have buffet seafood too, from shell, fish, shrimp and much more, They also have asian food too, and last time I visit there they have Tom Yum Kung too. as Thai I can say that the taste is nice, you have to try , relief me from missing ThailandIMG_4613IMG_4610IMG_4615IMG_4616but not only that because this shop have american food like pasta, spaghetti and pizza and their pasta and spaghetti provide about 65 menu, so you can get full easily just a bite of each all.s_000tFor the price I recommend you to have it at lunch the price just 2000 yen , but from 5pm will be 3,000 yen this restaurant at minato mirai station and walk for 12 minutes or sakurakichou station you can walk from there, the shop is in the red brick building of Yokohama Red Brick Park , I think if you use to visit Yokohama you could have seen this building before , the restaurant is at 3rd floor , name Fisherman’s Market , Let’s have a try CR : http://r.gnavi.co.jp/a004301/CR Photo :  http://ja.wikipedia.org