A Trip to the Lavender Farm!

Last week I was invited by Japanican to join their one day trip to Gumma to see the lavender field. We also saw the Japanese Niagara falls called,"Fukiware", and picked up some sweet peaches at the farm! I skipped work for this trip, but it was worth it! 2We met up in Shinjuku, and there were staff holding signs in English at the exit. Once we checked in we got a sticker to put on our shirts and then we were ready to go!At 8.30 sharp, the guide led the way. Let's go! Auntie Panochan and Uncle seaweed the photographer are going with us as well. The rules were explained to us on the bus as well as a brief history of the Gumma province. The guide was very clear and even showed us a cute video!3The guide was very professional and was well prepared. About one hour later, we reached the first checkpoint. We stopped at the bathroom and then continued our journey. I slept all along the way to save energy. At 11:10 we arrived at the waterfall a little behind schedule because one member of the tour was sick and we had to wait to call for help. The guide handled the situation very well and we were still able to continue our tour.4We walked to the waterfall after getting off the bus. It was a hot day but when we arrived there, the weather was very nice.5Along the way to the waterfall, there were local shops that sold things like basketwork and also ice cream!6Although it was summer, the weather was cool and fine. Look at this, Admin Nana. She bought cow-pea at Gumma! Helloooo~~~7I recommend sneakers for this tour because of all the walking. Waterfalls are very rare so this was a great surprise! Water runs through rocks and washes out until they become V shaped rocks. Water from both sides join together at the center like Niagara falls. So that's why it's called the Niagara Falls of Asia. At Fukiware, the waterfall is 7 meters high and 3o meters wide and it is a national heritage site.8So that was all for the waterfall, time for lunch! We rode the bus to the place where we ate lunch!9It was a buffet so we could eat as much as we wanted. Delicious! There were summer vegetables and fruits and other local food including udon, tempura, homemade pizza and roast beef. After finishing the meal, we went shopping for souvenirs and gifts.11This place had round-shaped apple cakes but there were smaller sizes available in pieces too. They were delicious!12This is Gumma chan. He was very cute and very bright yellow. If you're a fan of Japanese mascots he is definitely one to look out for!13After shopping, we picked up some peaches!14The peach farm wasn't too far from where we went shopping so we were able to walk. The old lady there gave us 2 sheets of sponge paper to wrap peaches. That means we could have 2 peaches to eat at the hotel or bring it for someone at home later.15When I turned around, I saw Uncle seaweed went up on the ladder to pick up peaches for Auntie. This couple was the cutest of this trip! So jealous!16After we finished picking out peaches the kind owner told us to pick another peach from the box. So we brought a total of 3 home that day! Fresh from the farm, Awesome!After picking peaches we got on the bus again. The a/c was very cool and refreshing! I slept on the bus for about 40 minutes before we arrived at the lavender field. In the field of more than 500,000 lavender trees, you will find 15 different kinds of lavender which are in this garden, 1,300 meters above the sea level. This makes the temperature here 20 C on average or 10 C lower than in Tokyo.You don't need to go to Hokkaido to enjoy freshness of flowers. The sun was bright but the temperature was comfotable. The bright sky of that day contrasted well with the color of lavender.17A very handsome model!This is just the view from the ground. The real landscape is up there. Let's go!18We needed to take a cable car to get there. It took about 20 minutes. The cool breeze and soothing music almost made me fall asleep. Admin Nana had to wake me up!19Once we got there all I could see was violet everywhere!20And this is what we were waiting for, lavender ice cream! It was very good and creamy with the smell of milk. It's very unique, especially with the lavender scent!21After taking many many photos, it's time to go back. We decided to walk down instead of taking the cable car. This place is perfect for family or friends to spend a day off together. Children will be able to get close to nature and breathe fresh air. Although it is summer, the temperature was 10 C lower than in Tokyo!22PS. August is the peak period of the lavender. The color brightly contrasts with the sky and the grass is so green!23

Tour information

You can book the tours on the website!Company: Japanican■URL: http://www.japanican.com/en/

Access to the meeting place

Every tour with this company meets at Keio Plaza Shinjuku on the third floor of South Wing. It takes 5 minutes from Shinjuku station West Exit or one minute walk from Exit B1 near the Toei Oedo Line if you get off at Tochomae station.■Meeting time: 8:20am■URL: http://www.keioplaza.com/map/index.html

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