Dog Heart Cafe: where cute puppies will melt your heart

Tokyo has numerous cat, bunny, and even owl cafes. However, there is only one dog café within the city near Yoyogi Park called Dog Heart Café.Dog1It’s located in a small building, making the room itself quite small as well, so going in large groups is not recommended. But it is a nice café to go with one’s significant other, which it often is crowded by couples, or even by yourself.Most of the dogs are small as well. There are a handful of miniature poodles, three beagles, and one golden retriever. At the time that I went the golden retriever was not out in the play room.Dog 2Dog3Dog4All of the dogs are super friendly and are not afraid to climb all over everyone. Only go if you are prepared for that, but most people going to a dog café should already know how dogs can be. The miniature poodles were much calmer than the beagles and would sit on people’s laps for quite a long time. I almost had a mini poodle called Ringo sit on my lap for almost the entire time that I was at the café.Dog5Dog7Dog8The beagles were all pretty wound up when I went and seemed to like interacting with each other more than the people at the café. However, to make them sit on your lap just snag them and they’ll stay put for a bit, which I was lucky enough to do.If sitting and petting the dogs is not your thing, then the café also has the option of “renting” a dog for an hour or so where families can take the dog out, walk it, and play with it for their allotted time. For families who don’t have pets, can’t afford to keep them, or just don’t want the hassle of taking care of a pet, this is a bargain.The entrance fee for the café itself is little expensive. To stay for 30 minutes it cost 950 yen and to stay for an hour cost 1,550 yen. To rent one of the dogs it cost 3,600 yen for each type of dog. It is a tad bit expensive but it all depends on how much one wants to see dogs and how bad the dog withdrawal is especially for those who have dogs at home and are staying for an extended amount of time in Japan.Dog9Though everyone takes their dogs with them everywhere in Japan, they will even tie them up outside of the convenient stores while they buy things, not many people go up to their owners and ask if they can pet their dog. It is seen as a sort of rude thing to do here in Japan while in America it is perfectly acceptable to ask to pet someone else’s dog.If you are craving some doggy love or are feeling homesick for your dog back at home, then this café is a really good option, let alone being the only option. I don’t recommend going on a Sunday or a holiday as the place, again, is quite small, and it gets crowded easily.Access:Website - Station - Yoyogi-HachimanHours – 11:00 – 19:00- Writer Erin