Deer in Nara!

Have you ever heard of the Nara deer park in the Kansai region? It's a place where deer are free to roam around the temple area, even alongside people! In this area of Nara, the deer are regarded as a national treasure so it is illegal to hurt them or move them from the area. Because of this, the people of the area have learned to live alongside their antlered neighbors.tumblr_me3a3a7VFM1rcrzkso4_1280Look at all the deer!! They're very cute, but remember they're still wild animals and should be treated with caution. They will not hurt you unless you have a snack for them and then they will fight! Please obey these signs that warn you of the aggressive deer!tumblr_me3a3a7VFM1rcrzkso2_1280There are small booths in the park area that sell Shika Senbei, or deer crackers for visitors to purchase and feed to the deer. The deer love these crackers and will be very aggressive to try and snag some from visitors so please be careful if you decide to feed the deer!tumblr_me3a3a7VFM1rcrzkso3_1280My favourite animals are deer so coming here was really fun for me! My name is Lu, which I share with my favourite Chinese idol, 鹿晗 (Lu Han), who used to be part of my favourite boy group, EXO.tumblr_me3a3a7VFM1rcrzkso5_1280I'm really a big fan of deer, they're so cute even when they're being silly! This deer was nibbling the chain! Maybe the deer was hungry?tumblr_me3a3a7VFM1rcrzkso7_1280Nara deer park does not just have deer, but it also has a very famous temple! Here you can pay your respect to Buddha and enjoy the sweet smell of incense!If you are in the Nara area, please take a visit to the Nara deer park and visit the deer.- Admin Lu