What is paraben free cosmetic, is it any effect to makeup addicted girl like me?

Days ago my Facebook friend post her status that she want to get paragon free sunscreen , for me I work with many kind of danger product even cancer cause substance butWhy I have to interesting in her post? because she confirm that she don’t want to interfere with paraben anymore then I have to do my small research.Let’s see what is paraben12Paraben is cheap preservative so its use various in any kind of product even it get approved from Ministry of Public Health to use it but, not over allowance of usage. normally they use it in Shampoo, Conditioner , Moisturizer, cleansing cream , Nail cream , Perming Lotion, and toothpaste, Paraben has many type, but the top of usage are Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, we can found that Paraben has cause of increasing cancer chance in women especially breast cancer because our body can get paraben penetrate into our blood stream easily then it works like estrogen hormone which cause our body not balance (Source wikipedia http://goo.gl/FilU4h )3 4 5Although many document announce that many cosmetic in Thai and Japan like Roll on or creams has paraben in ingredients but those announce can’t exactly confirm that those list cosmetic cause of cancer.6But what is it about stuff in Japan, because you may know that Japanese laws or Europe is highly strict but Japanese cosmetics have many product using paraben in their ingredient.For me not afraid much because some of my cosmetic (after I realize about paraben then I check it all item) have paraben , but to make sure that your cosmetic is paraben free you can easy check on the product information which they normally pround to tell you that it is Paraben Free (in Japanese letter haha ) パラベンフリー」or you can see in the photo below.7So if you aware of that you can now shopping Japanese cosmetic safely and don’t worry about can’t read Japanese hahaha ,but don’t worry too much just if you can avoid that so you may just try to do so.

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