How to go to a concert in Japan

Do you like going to concerts? Is your favourite band planning on coming to Japan? Recently, my favourite band EXO came to Japan! They had a 3 day concert from November 6th to November 8th! My birthday was November 3rd, so this concert was the perfect birthday gift for me!12193874_10153712329612008_7455339787061875585_nBuy a ticket. Buying a ticket is the first thing to going to a concert. There are a couple of options for doing this.
  1. Join the official fanclub and enter the ticket lottery/purchase tickets through the club. Fanclubs in Japan have an annual fee of about 5,000 yen a year so this is only recommended if you're a hardcore fan! This option also requires Japanese and it is different from fanclub to fanclub so I will skip it, especially since not all artists have fanclubs in Japan.
  2. Lawson (L-tike) ticket. You can go to this site and look up your artist's name to find the dates of their concert. You will be given a reservation number, which you then must put into the ticket machines at Lawson to buy your ticket.
  3. Your artist. Often artists, especially foreign ones, will distribute tickets on their own site/through their own company. Check the official webpage for your artist to see if this is an option, often they will offer this in English for non-Japanese speaking fans!
  4. Ticketcamp for second hand tickets. Ticketcamp is only available in Japanese, but it is a good place to grab tickets especially when they all sold out! The site can be a little confusing so if you are going this route using a Japanese translator or having a friend help is advised!
스크린샷 0028-01-20 오전 10.47.23Get your tickets. This only applies to if you bought tickets any other way besides Lawson Ticket/convenience store. I'm a pretty hardcore fan of EXO so I bought tickets via EXO-L Japan, EXO's official Japanese fanclub. I received my tickets in the mail about two weeks before the concert. On top of receiving fanclub tickets I also decided to buy tickets through EXO's official website.247388.LINEGo to the concert. I recommend you arrive 2 hours before the concert start time, especially if it is a popular artist! EXO played at Tokyo Dome, so I was sure to arrive early since the venue is huge! My friend and I were super pumped for the concert! In Japan, people do not push or shove at concerts and the staff is very strict to ensure that fans stay in their assigned seats/standing area. Most concerts do not allow photos, so please be careful of that too!I said before I bought tickets through EXO's official site, which also included free goodies like these~ I'm not sure if all artists offer this type of package for concerts, but EXO's company, SM Entertainment does! Make sure to always be checking your artist's website!247407.LINEAlso concerts will always sell tons of merchandise at the venue, if you had to buy one item I'd recommend a lightstick because in Japan lightsticks are very important! With a lightstick you can help create an ocean for your artist to look to for encouragement!스크린샷 0028-01-20 오전 10.53.49I had a really great concert experience in Japan and if you can snag tickets for your own concert I hope you have a good time too! I saw EXO, but other artists come to Japan too!247387.LINE- Admin Lu

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