Spending money at New Chitose Airport

"Going to Hokkaido and don't have enough time to buy all souvenirs". You won't hear this statement anymore when you arrive at New Chitose international airport or Shin-Chitose in Japanese. It is the big airport that collects everything from Hokkaido in one place including snacks, famous food, deserts and souvenirs.
New Chitose is a big airport with a shopping mall inside to serve tourists. Hokkaido is very caring to welcome travellers who visit Hokkaido by setting up this airport. Whether you come here for transit or layover, this airport has lots of shops for you to check out.Chitose2 Chitose3 Chitose5 Chitose6In the Domestic side, fresh products from Hokkaido like fresh food, dry food and other shops are all available here. Who goes there for the first time might shout out "ohh many shops", like I did before.Chitose12What you shouldn't miss it Royce’s Chocolate World which has been very well known for 10 years. Everyone who visits Japan must buy it as souvenirs. This airport has a lot to offer, like the whole factory! Another thing that is the highlight is Doraemon Waku-Waku Sky Park which welcomes children by the world of Doraemon. Your children will have fun here and there is also a lovely cafe nearby as well.Chitose10Walk for a long time until we are hungry, but don't worry, this airport has famous restaurants of Hokkaido here. This is like the whole island inside the airport! You don't have to find because everything is here. Don't worry that the price is higher than outside because in Japan, prices at the airport and outside are the same. The taste doesn't change, and the service is excellent! Especially ramen that you must try or you haven't arrived at Hokkaido with its famous ramen.Chitose8Chitose11Some people's legs may be tired from walking.This airport has onsen service on the 3rd floor and the cinema next to it.And you shouldn't miss souvenirs like Potato Farm,La Tao,Royce’s Chocolate. These are all recommended. Shopping at this airport is good that we can buy as many as we want. Although the amount is limited but there are a lot of shops for us to choose from without struggling like airports in Tokyo.Chitose7#Admay Yamapi