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        Tokyo has numerous cat, bunny, and even owl cafes. However, there is only one dog café within the...
    22 Apr 2016 968

        Summer is just around the corner, so we have decided to make a list of the best and most beautifu...
    22 Apr 2016 6,359

        Despite being a relatively small country, Japan has a lot of different museums focused on differe...
    22 Apr 2016 628

      Japan has one of the most impressive and diverse landscapes in the world, encompassing mountain ranges, volca...
    22 Apr 2016 586

    Japan has been the setting of many national and international film productions over the years. Visiting a real place ...
    22 Apr 2016 554

    There are hundreds of amusement parks across Japan, which provide an excellent way to escape from the chaos and the s...
    22 Apr 2016 572

    1. Shinjuku Gyoen [Shinjuku Station] [caption id="attachment_3949" align="alignnone" width="815"] Credit:
    15 Apr 2016 1,052

    Earlier last week, I wrote the first part of a series of two articles. It focused on the usual scenario aroun...
    15 Apr 2016 953

      Do you want to take a trip to two of the most popular places in Tokyo? They have different names and they a...
    15 Apr 2016 960

    With over a thousand mountains, more than a hundred active volcanoes, 31 protected national parks and endless beautif...
    15 Apr 2016 1,060