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    With over a thousand mountains, more than a hundred active volcanoes, 31 protected national parks and endless beautif...
    15 Apr 2016 1,441

    An Association named The most beautiful villages in Japan has been active, since 2005, on enhancement and protection ...
    8 Apr 2016 1,567

    Cre: One of the best gifts God brought to Okinawa is picturesque and unspoiled l...
    28 Jan 2015 847

    You want an ultimately peaceful state of mind? You want to leave behind busy routine? You want to make moments with y...
    21 Jan 2015 1,436

    Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is located on the grounds of the Ocean Expo Park in Motobo, Okinawa. Japan and the sea Ja...
    27 Nov 2014 1,308