When Tower-records cooperates with Rilakkuma and famous Thai cartoon character "Mamuang"

As we might know that people listen to songs from CD less and less. Although Japan can sell CD and other copyrights items more than other places, the famous CD shop like Tower Records has to adapt to this as well. Apart from the activities like concerts and more various items selling, there has been a coorperation of Tower Records and the famous bear Rilakkuma to add more fun and cuteness at Tower Records Cafe. You shouldn't miss it if you visit Japan at this time.1This project's name is RILAKKUMA x TOWER RECORDS which is organized in every summer. It is a special version of Rilakkuma items and his friends in the musician look. There are items like brooches, glasses, notebooks, shirts, stickers and other snacks like marshmallow and dorayaki. What's more interesting to try is to go and eat in Tower Records Cafe which serves food like wrapped omelet on rice and hamburger with Rilakkuma decoration. The menu is various in each branch. Food price starts from 950 – 1,500 yen and drinks at 600 – 800 yen which is not so expensive.2Who wants to go and see the cuteness can go to all 3 branches of Tower Records. But be aware that each branch has different opening times. Shibuya branch opens during 10.00 – 23.00 Omotesando branch opens 10.00-22.00 and Ebisu branch opens 12.00-17.00. The last order is 1 hour prior to the closing time. RILAKKUMA x TOWER RECORDS project this year started from 22 July until 30 August only.3Apart from famous character like Rilakkuma, Tower Records had a project like this with a cartoon character we are familiar with, Snoopy. They designed items to be in the theme related to music and there was also Snoopy Cafe with cute menus during the past 17 November – 31 December.4What's more special is the character "Mamuang" of Thai cartoonist, Wi“hesheit” sut Ponnimit was featured in this special project too. Tum is a Thai guy who had famous cartoon work called “hesheit” before he moved to study in Japan and created this character that doesn't have to be neat. It became his signature. "Mamuang" has become his character in both Thailand and Japan. After coming to Japan he had promoted his works in many places until he got the awards Manga Division from Japan Media Art Festival in 2009. The book called everybodyeverything was the first Thai comics that has been published in Japan as well. He also worked as animation producer to mobile phone advertisement company, drew pictures on Japanese music CDs and cover of Japanese writers' books and his monthly comics published in Japanese magazine.5Recently he has been working with Tower Records under the project titled MAMUANG x TOWER RECORDS. There are many cute items like brooches, cloth bags, iPhone6 case, glasses and stickers. They are so cute that even guys who haven't bought items with this kind of character had to pay for them. If you are interested you can go to Tower Records Shibuya branch, 2nd floor opposite to Tower Records Cafe.6 7That is to say, Tower Records with serious slogan like “No Music No Life” can surprisingly go along well with cartoon characters. And it makes items of the projects in cafe become popular for both male and female. I would say this is one of the examples of creativity of Japan.Story/Photos - Piyo Kung
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