Cafe Labo - Japan’s Cardboard Cafe offers toys, tanks and more

Unless you’re into arts & crafts, shipping or cosplay, you will likely think nothing of cardboard, but Japan’s cardboard cafe and Takamura Co. is here to show us that cardboard is indeed a beauty to behold, because look! a tank!Named Cafe Labo, this interesting building in Japan is dedicated to amusing our minds with the possibilities of cardboard. Yes, cardboard, the stuff that the average person only uses when moving and packing things up. Most everything inside Cafe Labo, other than the hi-tech equipment used to make it, is indeed made from cardboard.Come and have a seat on their cardboard chairs and sip some coffee from their cardboard tables while you plan and design your own cardboard creation on their cardboard paper! Yes, I will now use the word “cardboard” in moderation..japanese cardboard cafe“Cardboard is one of those things that most people never take notice of although it’s around everywhere,” says Motomiya, one of the designers at the cafe. “Hopefully, the people who come here will discover it and find ways to use the material in their projects.”Located in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district, Café Labo was opened by a packing company based in Tochigi Prefecture in 2012 named Takamura Co. They began as a transport company, which relied entirely upon wood as their packing material, until the shift to cardboard 20 years ago, says Motomiya, whom entered the group 3 years ago.They then began to experiment with the cardboard, as they began to think outside the box (yes, that was a pun of sorts). Their DIY tuned minds then crafted a wide variety of objects, which eventually formed Japan’s cardboard cafe. But Cafe Labo isn’t just a sit back and drink your coffee sorta place though.takamura cardboardjapan's cardboard cafe Cafe Labo offers laser cut cardboard toys, furniture, displays, cars and whatever else you can think of, literally! At the cafe you can bring in your own designs and the guys will build it for you, in which they say the size is irrelevant. If it’s too big for their cafe machinery, they’ll take it to their labo japanTakamura is responsible for a variety of cardboard items that range from rickshaws, shelving, toys, construction equipment replicas, mazes, merry-go-rounds and even a tank! What person, regardless of age, wouldn’t want a giant cardboard tank that they could climb inside?cafe labo “You don’t have to worry about spilling your coffee here,” says Laewoong Park, one of the techs. “We’ve tried to make a lot of unusual things to get people interested in cardboard. But what surprises them most is just how tough the material is.”What would you ask for at Japan’s cardboard cafe?Website: reproduced from JapanRealm

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