Bus to Narita Airport only 1000 yen!

Previously, All travel guide book said from Narita airport to Tokyo, besides train it could be Limousine Bus. But not now, in Japan they have high competition transportation now they have transport company launch Bus service to Narita Airport at low price, From Narita airport to Tokyo station only 1000 yen. Both to or back from Narita airport is same price. It take short time to destination, comfort and don’t have to book ticket prior, just line in que and get on the bus , Admin take this way quite often because don’t want to fight for the train space, and here I can sleep really well ha ha , and sometime not much passenger it make so comfortable because traveller don’t notice this, so they are all take the train. But I prefer the more comfortable don’t have to carry bag up into the train and the bus parking place is like the expensive limousine too, God I worth it, the money left to shopping more.Another reason that I take it often because it stop only at Tokyo and Ginza station, so less people use this bus, then  let have a look where we can get on the bus.Tokyo :1.Tokyo Station: at JR highway bus Terminal at No.7 Yaesu-miamiguchi2.Ginza Station : In front of subway Exit C5  or elevator C7Bus2 (2448 x 1836)Bus3 (2448 x 1836)   Bus1 (1836 x 2448)From Airport1.Terminal 1 at 1st Floor at South Wing, platform no. 312.Terminal 2 at 1st Floor at platform No.2 and No.19During wait in line, Staff will asking whether you have to loaded luggage or not, and give you luggage tag upon your destination station.Ticket , you have to pay to driver on the bus, by tell him where do you want to get down.Easy and don't’ have to shove in the train, and save our budget too.I’m in love with their service now, maybe they can remember me already who knows ha ha.Bus timetable please visit here :   http://accessnarita.jp/en/home/This could be your new better option to go to Tokyo.Update by Admin May  from MaichaiguruTokyo Team