Best Cosme 2015 – Japan cosmetics rankings. What is the most beloved product by Japanese girls? Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Best Cosme ranking! Now, we will move on to eye makeup such as liners and mascara, which are one of the best products Japanese brands offer. As much as I love to try new brands, I am always loyal to Japanese eyeliner. If you ever try one, you will know why. Let’s go through the list together!Best Cosme - Concealer concealer-2No.2 Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone CorrectorAs the name implies, ‘Corrector’ is used for color correction and in this case, specifically the color of your sad panda dark circles under your eyes. This corrector will help to change you from sleep-deprived panda into a fresh, nice, and energetic human being. It's known for the sheer and natural look it gives whilst having good coverage. One Japanese girl who reviewed the product said, “I bought it because I read a review saying it can keep your skin moisturized, which it really does! Not only that, it brightens my eyes and makes them glow. It’s also pretty long-lasting. The coverage is great, it covers my dark under eyes well while still looking natural.” The brush style applicator helps make it easier to apply.concealer-1No.1 NARS Radiant Creamy ConcealerThe most raved about concealer in the world has arrived in Japan! Of course, Japanese girls wouldn’t miss out on this trend. With its creamy texture and great pigmentation, the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer can conceal everything from your acne to your under eyes. This concealer looks natural on skin as it is easy to apply and blend in with foundation, unlike other thick cream concealers. Additionally, it is long-lasting and does not cling on to your dry patches. “It’s the best concealer out there. I don’t usually use concealer because I hate how it sticks to my dry patches, but that doesn’t happened with NARS. The best part is it looks so natural on skin, blended in with my foundation and skin tone. I love this!” said a Japanese girl who reviewed this product on @cosme and me.Best Cosme - Eyebrowbrow-3No.3 Integrate Eyebrow and Nose ShadowThis eyebrow powder is a must have for many Japanese girls because of how long-lasting and natural the color looks. The small little brush that comes with it is also highly rated because it is small and compact but is very precise. In addition, the package is cute and durable. All of these make it one of the most popular products in Japan, especially because of its dual function for your eyebrows and nose!brow-2No.2 Kate Eyebrow Color NIt has moved up and down within the Top 3 in best cosme list since 2013, but nevertheless the Kate Eyebrow Color N has proved to be successful year to year. “I used it so much I can’t even remember how many I've used. This is so long-lasting I only need to apply it once in the morning.” said a die-hard purchaser. Quite a good review!brow-1No.1 Excel Powder&Pencil Eyebrow EXSecond win! Excel was also last year's winner of this category. Excel Powder&Pencil Eyebrow EX includes eyebrow pencil, powder and brush, all in one tiny little pencil. Japanese girls love to take their make up with them and a product that is portable is guaranteed to be loved. But of course, the quality has to be there too and this one passes all the requirements. “If you talk about an eyebrow product, it has to be this one. This eyebrow pencil is soft but precise and gives me a perfect arch. It’s also very long-lasting. I am not good at drawing my eyebrows at all, but with this, I can do it easily. I love it so much I have bought it many times.” said a Japanese girl who reviewed this product on @cosme.Best Cosme - Eyelinerliner-3No.3 K-palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WPThis is my current eyeliner, and personally I love it. According to the brand, it’s ‘super waterproof’ which makes it tearproof, waterproof, sweatproof and oil proof. I picked this one up after I tried out each of the eyeliners at the store. The only one that survived excessive scratching was this. So for long-lasting power, it proves itself. The product comes with a brush tip, which is easy to use, but I’m going to be honest with you, mine started to fray after a while, and it became very hard to draw precisely. Nonetheless, I didn't mind it because of its long-lasting power and affordable price.liner-2No.2 Heroin Make Smooth Liquid Eye Liner Super KeepWell-known in some countries as the ‘princess’ brand from it easy to recognize manga princess packaging, Heroin Make remains one of Japanese girls’ favorites affordable drugstore brands. As you can see in the picture above, the girl is crying with a captioned ‘(With this eyeliner), even if you cry, you will remains pretty.’. Funny and cute packaging indeed, but there’s more to it than that. The brand claimed that this waterproof eyeliner can be removed with hot water, making it easier to remove and you don’t have to wipe your eyelid over and over again. It might sounds totally normal, but Japanese girls also love it for being normal and perform exactly what eyeliner should be doing, one reviewer said “I stopped using eyeliner for a while because it keeps on melting into my mascara, but this one totally stays on my lid, and the color pigmentation is great.” liner-1No.1 FlowFushi Mote Liner Liquid TakumiFlow Fushi ‘Mote’ Line has been in the spotlight since last year. The golden shiny packaging stood out on drugstore shelf and have been a hit since released. Their mascara was their golden product, but this year, they spanned out to more. The Liquid Takumi eyeliner is specifically designed for easy drawing and precision. The brush tip used 4 different types of hair to generate the most balance feeling when drawing, not too soft and not too hard. Of course, the product itself is with great pigmentation and long-lasting power. A Japanese girl reviewed this on @cosme saying “This one is the easiest to draw. It’s so soft it doesn’t irritate my skin at all, but still gives me the precision I want. The pigmentation is also great. My eyes look pretty the whole day.” You can try give it a shot in many cosmetic and drugstore in Japan. Best Cosme - Mascaramas-3No.3 Flow Fushi Mote Mascara One Lift Up And the Mote product line is back again! This time with their new premium mascara. At a price of 2,700 yen, it is considered expensive for a mascara in the same store but if it come this far on the popularity list just after its release in September, the raved is far from normal. The brand claimed that this mascara has many mineral contents that will take care of your eyelashes while giving it the curl and length it needs. As the name indicated, the key to the popularity is how it lift up your lashes for long while give it an extra length. A Japanese girl reviews this saying “The packaging is what got me but the result is also satisfying. My lashes spread out well, no clump and my lashes just look naturally long. It’s great for natural everyday look.” The product is on sale with limited stock per month, get yours while it still lasts.mas-2No.2 Heroin Make Long and Curl mascara Super WPThere’s no doubt the princess brand is well-known for their eye makeup products. This one is even more hyped that the eyeliner. The long and curl mascara was last year mascara winner of Best Cosme and it’s still here for a reason; it’s great, specifically for Asian girls with thinner and shorter lashes. I personally use this almost everyday, it’s super long lasting, and nothing holds my sad and short lashes that are always pointing down better than this. The curl stays the whole day because the formula of this mascara makes it lightweight, thus it will not make your lashes become heavy. Additionally, it also gives you some extra lengths. Although, it is pretty hard to remove, for me it’s still the best. I love it so much that if I were allowed to only have one mascara in my life, it will be this one. And I am not kidding. mas-1No.1 RMK W Color MascaraThis year Japanese girls goes a bit beyond normal, they wanted some spices and color in their lives. Introducing this year winner, the RMKK color mascara. This mascara has 2 tips, the big one with darker colors such as black, grey and brown for your lashes and the small one with bright neon colors such as pink, orange and yellow for your bottom lashes. A lot of girls like this for the edgy look it gave, the kind of look that make your day a bit different and spice things up. In addition, the product formula is made to give you volumized lashes. One Japanese girl reviewed about how she use this saying “I bought Navy and khaki. The Navy one is a not bright blue color, but a darker tone, so it looks so natural. Usually I wear black mascara to work, but when I wear navy or khaki color clothes, I wear these two instead. It’s such a good combination to go with your clothes.” If you are bored with your daily black mascara, give yourself some spices with this.Best Cosme - Mascara Basemasbase-2No.2 Ettusais Lash Version UpLast year winner turns first runner up, the Ettusais Lash Version Up is a black mascara base that promised to keep your curl all day and give your lashes a bit more volume and length. Sounds perfect for Asian girls. Most of the positive reviews from Japanese girls regarding this product were talking about how they feel like it actually holds your lashes’ curl for longer and how they have been repeatedly buying and using it. If you problem with lashes keep falling down, you might want to check it out. masbase-1No.1 Kate Lash MaximizerAnother drugstore brand that has great quality product with affordable price, Kate has taken number one in this category. Claimed to give a lot of extra length and keep your curl up all day, this product simply won by performing exactly what it promises. “I think this is suitable for people who like fiber mascara because the brush is designed nicely and it spread fibers onto your lashes equally and does not create clumps. I feel like my lashes are really longer and they spread upwards nicely the whole day. The curl keeping power is way too good it surprised me.” said a satisfied user on her review. Best Cosme - Beauty toolsTool-3No. 3 Maquillage Eyelash Curler On sale since 2007, the Maquillage eyelash curler slowly gained popularity and this year it had proved that it is here to stay. The special point about this is how straight it is. Most of the eyelash curlers are way too curvy for Asian eyes and it has been a long lasting problem that can’t be solved. I had a lot of curler and all of it failed me, I thought my lashes couldn’t be curled, but I found out that it’s not true, it’s just that  haven’t met my soulmate curler that fit exactly into my eyes. And when I found it, it was heaven. And i think a lot of Japanese girls agree with me on this point: “I tried everything, they were all too curvy.” “I thought my lashes could not be curled. I gave up. And then one day, I tried this and I know it was never my lashes fault, it was the curler.” If you have problem with your curler being too curvy, give this one a shot.Tool-2No.2 Daiso Puff and Sponge DetergentThis magical detergent from dollar store is …. simply magic! I have 3 of this at home and I’m still not sure why I even have back up. You only need 2-3 drops to dilute in water before use it to clean your brushes and puff. I found it very effective. For puffs, you might need to use a considerable amount of products, but for brushes, 2-3 drops is enough for my whole brush sets. The quality for this price is totally amazing and many Japanese girls probably will agree with me as this product has been in going up and down in the beauty tools Top 3 since 2012. “I used to use makeup cleanser to wash my brushes. Haha. It was ridiculous. I need to use so much and the brushes are not even that clean. But this, I just need a bit and everything is washed off so easily. I will for sure repurchase, if I ever ran out of it though.” said a girl whose life was changed by this product. At least she is not washing her brushes with makeup remover anymore. And that’s all for this year Best Cosme list, I picked out the products that should interests you. If you are still interested click here to see the rest of the ranking. And try some of these amazing products if you could. By Mimi JapanlistSource: @cosme

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