Best Cosme 2015 - Japan cosmetics rankings. What is the most beloved product by Japanese girls? Part 1

The wait is over for Japanese cosmetic fans. The “Best Cosme” ranking is now out. Although you can check the list on the official site in English here. We offer you a full detailed list which includes product description and reviews from Japanese girls. So you know why they love it and if you are encountering the same type of problems, maybe the review might give you some ideas about which products might suit you well. What is Best Cosme?Let start off with the most obvious question some of you have in mind, what exactly is “Best Cosme”. Best Cosme is an award given by @cosme the largest Japanese beauty site to the most hyped, the most voted and the most positively reviewed beauty products of the year. The awards are given in almost all of the categories you could imagined. From liquid foundation to beauty tools, from soap to shampoo, anything related to your beauty care are ranked and listed out. This year the list are selected from 677,000 reviews dated 1st of November last year until 31st of October this year. So it is a good representative of any hype happened in the current year. As it is almost impossible to go through the whole list, here, I picked some of the most interesting and the most hyped one to show you which products were such a big hit this year. If you are visiting Japan, try check these out while you’re shopping.Best Cosme - All categories winnerall-3No.3 Maquillage Dramatic RougeLast year, Maquillage lip gloss was a big hit in Japan. This year it’s their lipsticks. Maquillage Dramatic Rouge has mineral oil content that will keep your lip nicely moisturized during the day, almost like a lip balm, while still has the color pigment that you want from a lipstick. What make it become such a great hit is the shine. The lipstick has a glossy finish that gives your lips a beautiful shine, which of course is a long-lasting trends in Japan, Korea and probably all of the East Asian countries. The glossy effect gives your lip more depth as it reflects with light. One review from a Japanese girl said “Maquillage didn’t release new lipstick for almost 3 year, and when they did, they perfected it. The package design is way better than before. And what I loved the most about it is how long the shine lasts on my lips. It stays shiny and glossy for long which I really adore.”all-2No.2 The Daiso Silicone MaskThis was a big hit since last year. The hype was crazy. But since it’s still here in the list this year, maybe the hype was not just a “hype”, it’s here to stay. With an incredible price of 100 yen, this dollar store’s star product was number 1 in beauty tools category since last year. I own this product myself and I found it totally worth the price. This mask can be use in 2 ways, first you can use it while you are in a hot bath as a facial sauna, the mask will keep the heat that is evaporating from hot water in the tub and cleanse your face with that steam. The second way is to use it on top of a normal sheet mask, the silicone will keep the moisture from evaporating. Also, the ear hook will help keep the sheet mask in place, so it’s easier to move around. With the silicone help keeping the mask from drying and evaporating, the product will be absorbed into our skin more. Personally, I used it with sheet mask and I have seen great results. It really help maximize the sheet mask by aiding product absorption into your skin. My skin is always softer and more moisturized with the help of this mask. And the best part is it’s a 100 yen. What more could you ask for.all-1No.1 YSL Rouge Volupte ShineThe most hyped beauty good this year goes to YSL lipstick which Japanese girls totally adore. They don’t just love the product, they love the packaging and they love the luxurious brand itself. With the classic design with YSL sign in golden circle, this lipstick looks nice on anybody from teens to adults. Of course, this is not new, YSL lipstick has been around in the trend for long but this year it finally won. The unique point of this lipstick is all about great balance of pigmentation, shine and creaminess. The creamy lipstick glide on to your lip so easily with great pigmentation that requires only one application. And the point Japanese people love the most? SHINE. “Every time I wear this lipstick i got praised. It makes my face brighter and glow. The lipstick itself is very creamy and moisturizing. Also it’s so shiny there’s no need for me to use lipgloss anymore. The smell is fruity and nice. I really love this, so much that just putting it in my porch makes me feel happy.” said a Japanese girl who reviewed this with great enthusiastic. Best Cosme - Skin care : Creamcream-3No.3 Ettusais Premium Amino Caviar Cream Even though it was just released last year, Amino Caviar Cream from Ettusais new premium product line, made it way into the list. In South East Asia, this product also receive some hypes since released. Amino Caviar Cream is promoted as an all rounder. Anti-aging all-in-one cream that put all of your skin care into one bottle. Designed specifically for women who starts to have some worries about wrinkle, the ingredients included Amino Acid, Royal jelly and collagen. Most of the reviews said they have seen improvements. Their skins are nicely moisturized without being sticky, some even say they think their pores have shrink . Also, they said it’s suitable for both day and night. Some of the Japanese girl purchased this because of the so-called ‘Caviar Capsule’ which is the pink scrub beads inside. Because of the beads, it can be used as a massaging cream and Japanese girls totally love it for this reason.cream-2No.2 Nivea Soft CreamThis cream is released in Japan since 2004 and gradually make it way into the hype. This popular product of Nivea is the soft or light version of the original blue can Nivea everybody’s familiar with. For people who found the original one too thick and sticky, this is a very good option. It can be used for both face and body. And the perk is, it’s soooo cheap! I’m currently using this as a morning moisturizer to prep my face before putting makeup on and it works very well to keep my face moisturized the whole day during winter time like this. cream-1No.1 Curel Intensive Moisture CreamLast year skin care winner came back to take it place second year in a role. Since it hyped last year it had been raved by many famous beauty bloggers in Japan, including Sasaki Asahi, Japanese famous youtuber. She uses it in the morning before makeup and it’s great for keeping your face moisturized. And when your face is nicely moisturized, your makeup feel less heavy, your face become less tired, which result in your own comfort during the day. This is what Japanese girls who have to wear makeup all day everyday to work loves about this product. One of the user reviewed this product saying “The cream is so light, it feels almost like a souffle. During winter, my office will become very dry and by just using this I feel way more moisturized. It’s nothing like what I have used before. My number one cream!”Best Cosme - BaseBase-2No.2 Kiss Matte Chiffon UV Whitening Base NThis all-in-one base from drug store brand Kiss finally made it into the list. With SPF26 PA++ and ability to keep your makeup long-lasting, this base is popular with asian girls. While keep your skin moisturized, this base also has matte finish which makes putting makeup on easier and last-longer. The best part is the price, 1,600 yen is so affordable all the girls and teenagers love it! Most of the review praised the product on long-lasting power and how comfortable it feels even though you wear the product all day long. If you are interested in a long-lasting base, you should give this one a shot.Base-1No.1 Canmake Lasting Multi Eye Base WPIn the stream of expensive eye primer, we introduced you the best drugstore eye primer that was highly raved even more than NARS eye primer, Canmake eye primer. I know a lot of girls struggle in finding cheap and good-for-value eye primer as most of the eye primers that work are from high-end brand. If you are one of them, try this. Canmake Lasting Multi Eye Base is a waterproof eye primer that will prevent your eyeshadow and eyeliner or even your eyebrow from creasing. The brand claimed that it’s waterproof, tearproof and even sweatproof. This product is a holy grail for many Japanese girls with half hidden double eyelid. “After applying this, I don’t have problem with my eyeshadow creasing because of my half hidden double eyelid anymore. And it makes my eyeshadows last all day! I also use it for my eyebrow to last longer. The quality is way better for its price!” said one Japanese girl who reviewed this product with love. Do you know why it’s good for price? Because it’s only 500 yen!!!Best Cosme - Liquid FoundationFound-2No.2 Revlon ColorstayNo need to explain more as to why this is such a hype. This long bestseller has been around for ages. Revlon colorstay is holy grail to a lot of girls who need their makeup to last the whole day or even more than that. What’s better than this affordable Revlon colorstay. Regardless of the long lasting power that makes you look perfect even 10 hours after application without oxidising, Revlon colorstay is also loved because of the high coverage it offers and how easy it is to apply. Let’s face it, there will be a day you really need your foundation to look perfect the whole day and when that day comes you gonna need this. And that’s why I keep on purchasing this! Found-1No.1 Dior Skin Star Fluid Overthrown long time winner Revlon Colorstay as No.1 in best cosme this year is the Dior Skin Star Fluid. Promised to give you natural looks, glowing and brighten skin while still have enough coverage to cover imperfections, this foundation won over Japanese girls’ hearts right at the first word; ‘Natural’. And you probably already know why. Looking naturally beautiful like you are born being flawless like this is the key to Japanese style. “It’s so light but it makes my skin looks gorgeous! Just one pump, and I can apply to the whole face, that’s who light and soft it is. It lasts pretty long, for me it lasts the whole day and nothing creases except my T-zone. And even my T-zone did not crease in an ugly way. It just disappeared a little bit which is very easy to fix with a powder foundation.” said a Japanese girl who reviewed this. Of course it probably wouldn’t last on your face as long as the thick and long-lasting Colorstay, but it will be more daily life friendly because of its lightweight. Best Cosme - Powder FoundationPow-1No.1 Maquillage Dramatic Powder UVThis is the first year this powder foundation won, but it already gained some interests. The reviews were raving about how lightweight it is and how the powder feel so much like mousse. With the powder being so soft and moisturizing, it will not cling on to your dry areas and keep your face natural and not cakey. We all know cakey is powder foundation no.1 problem, and this product tackled it well. “The powder is sooo soft but it gives great coverage. You can layer it many times but it will still looks natural. I love how it makes my skin looks. I have normal to dry skin and I don’t have problem with this becoming cakey or anything at all. It’s also long-lasting. Finally I found a good powder foundation” said a Japanese girl who reviewed this. Best Cosme - BB creambb-1No.1 Lancome UV Expert XL BB2 years in a row! The Lancome BB cream is also the winner of this year which probably could say one thing about this product, the quality is real. Highly raved for giving such a natural skin while covering imperfections, this product is loved by Japanese girls and ladies for giving them the ‘makeup no makeup’ look that all the girls crave for. In addition to that, the texture is so soft it’s almost like skin care cream. What again? It’s not just ‘almost like’, it’s a skin care cream also! With SPF50 PA++++, it acts as sunscreen, skin care cream and base all at the same time, what’s not to love. “I am totally gonna repurchase this. I have never seen anything covers my imperfection while keeping my face look so natural and light like this. It makes me look like I’m just born pretty and flawless. And the fact that it’s a skin care in itself makes the cream feels so comfortable on my skin, I feel more comfortable with it on my face than without. And it’s so easy to remove.” What kind of BB cream make you face feel more comfortable than bare face? Try find out by yourself. Best Cosme - CC creamcc-1No.1 SK-ii Auractivator CC creamSK-ii might be famous for its skin care line, but their cosmetic line is not something you can overlook.  As the well-known skin care for Asian ladies, they crafted their cosmetic line based on this concept, a cosmetic that takes care of your skin at the same time. The brand claimed that this cc cream can help in color correction and skin brightening while keep your face nicely moisturized and feel nice the whole day. “This gave my face the SK-ii style shine. I use this on a light makeup day with just concealer and setting powder and that’s good enough. On heavier makeup day, I use it as a base before I apply foundation. The great part about it is I think my face is becoming softer and smoother after I have start using it.” said one satisfied customer who came back to review it.How good must it feels that putting on CC cream is almost like putting on moisturizer. If that’s how good it feels like and how good it is like for your skin, it probably explains why it is such a big hit.This is the end of part 1, but not the end of the list! Mascara, concealer, eyeliner and many other categories are waiting for you! Don’t forget to follow and read part 2. :)By Mimi JapanlistSource: @cosme**This articles can be shared using direct link to this site. 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