Beautiful flower at Ashikaga Flower Park, Tochigi Prefecture

Who love beautiful flower, come here with me. Today I will take you to out of Tokyo to Ashikaga Flower Park, not so far, just at Tochigi prefecture. Actually this post is my bad that I went for a trip but not as I expect, but I want to let you know , even expert can fail admin too, ha ha ha.Ashikaga Flower Park is 80km from Tokyo, Take 2 train from Tokyo, Start with Shinkansen from Tokyo to Oyama Station, then take local train, JR Ryomo line to Tomita Station then take 10 minutes walk.At their high season, and you don’t have a map, you don't’ have to afraid to get lost, It can’t happen because crowd are all head to the park almost like one way street, or you don’t want to walk you can call a cab , which cost you about 3000 yen,This park service hours : 8:00 - 18:00Ticket price is depend on seasonal : from 200 yen to 1,700 yenThen How we know the price before arrive there, just note that if your ticket cost 1,700 yen you have to glad with that, because you are there at the right time. Inside the park they have wisteria fully bloom, so the price is reasonable. The park charge you base on how beautiful of their flower, less beautiful is cheaper , Admin charged 400 yen…..Can you imagine that? , Yes, The park almost empty (T_T), don’t make the same mistake as I did., I would love to pay 1,700 very much (T_T)Actually , there are many flower park in Japan, Sakura, Peach, Nemophila , Lavender, Shibasakura, and more more more can’t list it all here.But the most popular for golden week , holiday about 5 months of Japanese, is Wisteria. That why admin make my plan cause I have heard that Ashikaga have great Wisteria tree age almost 100 years, spread their branches , splendid wonderous., I was excited, but when I arrived at the park.Bad news because the weather is different on that year, so Wisteria is not bloom, so yes I visit there to enjoy those big , spread branches ...poor me.But fortunately in the park also have tulips and other flowers to enjoy, Tulip was safe my day, or I may stunt and could have sadness ill and have to meet a doctor (T_T)    Then, Tulips is also beautiful, and got Lavender soft ice cream to heal my wounded heart from my bad luck, I got better somehow. Anyway Tulip is lovely, it looks bright , fresh but I kind of hard to stop myself to always turn to look at Wisteria...So see you next time wisteria , I won’t missed it surely.Tulip color is so bright!Soft cream Lavender taste!!! Japan Only!! Admin Dao, Avenger, Maichaiguru