Asahiyama Zoo / A zoo with viewing twists, tunnels, domes and bridges.


Asahiyama Zoo is a zoo in Hokkaido that offers visitors many ways to see their favorite animals from different views.

Views from All Around - Many Exciting Areas

asahiyama2Asahiyama Zoo offers many different ways to see animals from different zoos. Some of the favored areas are the glass tunnel under the penguins to watch them swim from below. Another great feature of the zoo is the glass domes in the polar bear and wolf exhibit so visitors can view the animals up close and still be safe from harm of these unpredictable predators.

Innovative Zoo which have some original rules

asahiyama4Unlike most zoos, Asahiyama Zoo has done many things by its own rules. Instead of following the expectations, they have created their own. This was the first zoo to do penguin walks in the winter. Additionally, they are always trying to improve the zoo instead of just letting people get bored with it like most places do. The pandas have a bridge that connects their exhibits, so visitors can see pandas walking overhead.

Indigenous and Foreign Animals - Many Kinds of Animals

The zoo has local animals such as deer, eagles, cranes, and wolves. In addition to the local animals, there are many foreign animals as well. These animals include, but are not limited to, polar bears, apes, big cats and giraffes. No matter what kind of animal is favored, it is sure to be seen here, and in unique ways.asahiyama3

Access/ How to go to Asahiyama Zoo

Take the train to Asahikawa Station. Upon exiting the station, board bus 41, 42 or 47. This will be about a 40 minute ride. An additional way to access the zoo is to take the train to Kitahinode Station. From there it is about a 30-40 minute walk.■Hours 9:30~17:15 (Late April to mid October) 9:30~16:30 (Mid October to early November) 10:30~15:30 (Mid November to early April) Closed April 8-28 and November 4-10, 2015■Access Kuranuma, Higashi Asahikawa-chi, Asahikawa City, Hokkaido■Tell 0166-36-1104■URL

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