Japan's forest of the Dead

Have you ever heard of Aokigahara forest? It is famous for being called Japan's "Suicide Forest" because it is where many people take their lives and it is rumored to be haunted.

History of Aokigahara

The forest sits on the base of Mt. Fuji, Japan's famous mountain, and it is known for its dense foliage and its unsettling silence. Urban legends speak about the forest being haunted by ghosts and demons, waiting for travelers to get trapped amongst the winding trees.tumblr_mp7jzta6L91rcrzkso2_1280An interesting thing about the forest is the twisting trees. The plants in the area battle to grow taller to reach the sunlight through the thick leaves of taller trees. It is illegal to prop up trees as it affects the cycle of life in the forest.The forest sits atop dried lava from the mountain so not just any plants can grow. The wildlife in the area is also quite scarce.

Things to do

You can tour the forest and check out the bat cave inside! Visitors who are brave enough can go inside and see some bats!tumblr_mp7jzta6L91rcrzkso3_1280Watch out, there is a lot of crawling around and the floor is wet so make sure to bring some good boots and a change of pants! Visitors are equipped with a hard hat for safety and the staff is very helpful when you're in the cave.tumblr_mp7i6qIGO41rcrzkso5_400There are many other things to do at the base of Mt. Fuji such as go cherry picking, eat at local restaurants, and even climb Mt. Fuji if you're feeling adventurous! The season for climbing is from July to early September because any other time and the peak is covered in too much snow, making it unsafe.tumblr_mp7k2572Kf1rcrzkso1_1280


Take the Chuou Line from Shinjuku to Takao and then transfer to the Takao-Shiojiri line and head to Otsuki where you can transfer once more to the Fujikyuko line and head to Kawaguchiko. There you will need to take the Fujikyuko Bus from Kawaguchiko to Nishikominshuku.■Hours: Varies depending on the season, check the website or call!■Access: 2-175-4 Saiko Lake Fuji Kawaguchiko-cho, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture■Tell: 082-241-4004■URL: http://www.aokigaharaforest.com/