Adventure Dream land : J-World Tokyo

When I was a kid I had to get up and watch comics from channel 9 like Naruto, DragonballZ, Onepiece. I was so addicted and dreamed that one day I'd be in the places in these comics. Sometimes I even wanted to dress like Naruto. Actually Japan is so nice that they could make this dream of kids like us become true. Like this place that my friend dragged me here ‘J-WORLD TOKYO’. We were so excited to go inside!figasm-jworld02Let's see what they have. Entrance is easy, just tap our card at the front gate. It is separated into zones according to each manga.The other side is restaurants with menus from characters in many comics, like this one from One Piece. I really like it!!maxresdefaultSome restaurants offer desserts, I eat them all!2013-07-11-jworld_6_04Come back to the rides. There are rides when we walk inside. Games machines are also available for us to touch and press in various places.Each one will have souvenir from the comics. I even like the interior decoration. We can take photos everywhere. Such a good imagination they have. They arranged this place like we were in the comics world.35716I think this place is really suitable for those who watch comics from channel 9 every Saturday and Sunday to get real experiences. Smal kids can also come here to play because the rides are not dangerous. On each day, the shows and performances will be different. We can check the schedule on the website or in front of the shows. I think this place is one of interesting places to visit when you come to Japan. Children will enjoy it too. At the exit, there is also souvenir shop for us to buy for other people or keep as our own collections.35720How to get there is quite convenient. Get off at Ikebukuro Station, walk to Sunshine City building (exit at gate 35). Then come to the building J-World Tokyo. It's on the third floor at the end of it. There are signs telling you clearly where to go throughout the walk.Opening time is 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.mOr check for information at for the photo from

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