8 Things to re-buy from Japanese drug store

What should I buy in Japan? I have a headache hearing this questions so many times.Such an open-ended question that I don't know what to answer! So I'll just say what I like!For the question of what to buy in Japan, my answer is... I don't know! Each person has different taste of things so I don't know what you are interested in.I'm not a fortune teller. Like if you like Gundum and I tell you to buy Sailor Moon, it's not right is it? But with this open question, I would say "cosmetics".The reasons are first, Admin likes, second, cosmetics and skin products in Japan are for sure cheaper than in Thailand. Let's follow me!
  1. Collagen, in this case collagen for drinks. I like the brand Shisedo The Collagen 5,000 mg. It is about 2,000 per package depending on promotions of each shop.011
But in tThailand it's more than 1,000 baht for each package. How to eat it is simple, just dissolve in your ordinary drinks like coffee, yogurt or soup. But for me I mix it in fresh milk.Put milk in microwave oven until it's warm then add some collagen powder in it. I like this brand because it's easy to mix, dissolve and drink. Collagen helps your skin.
  1. Lip balm DHC Lip Cream
Some people might say that every lip balm is the same. I strongly disagree. It's not the same.021Some brands when I use I need to put it again and again because the lips are still dry like I haven't put any balm. Some brands peel my lips' skin.But this brand is very nice like you're using it on the top of Fuji mountain hahaha. It is also not expensive. I can't remember exactly how much but you can find at any drugstore.
  1. 3D Perfect Gel Hadalabo
This gel is good for it's softness. It's translucent like dessert. The cream is not so heavy like before. The price is 1,800 yen.03_1It can be applied both day and night to add some moise for our face. It is not sticky when we use in hot country like ours because it easily absorbs into the skin.03_203_3It feels like water and can make our skin moist. We can put on make up in the morning easily.
  1. Sunscreen ANESSA Shiseido
Cost: about 2,00 yen. This one is good that it has PA+++ to protect sunlight in the satisfying level. Some people say the cream texture is quite heavy to put on our face but for me I apply it until it all absorb into my skin.I don't feel it that heavy. The technique is you just have to rub it constantly around your face until it obsorbs into the skin, not only put it on the face.
  1. Kingdom – 2 Steps Mascara
I have been using so many of it. This is very good that it can make our eyelashes become thicker and long without looking like a panda! I confirm!05_1I can say I'm successful in trying to search for a mascara that is not too expensive but good. Do you know that mascara only last 3 months so what's the point of buying expensive ones?05_305_2We better save money when we can. There was a time when I cried so hard and this mascara didn't leave any black spot around my eyes so it proved the efficiency of this mascara!I then realized after that problem that this mascara is the best hahaha. I bought it at only 1,620 yen. You can buy at any drug store in Japan.Each shop might sell at different prices but not much. The steps when using are, first, curl our eyelashes. Second, use the white side first to make eyelashes longer and beautifully in order.Followed by the black color one. You can apply it again and again to make eyelashes thicker but just this is enough.P.S. There are two colors to choose, for your consideration. But I like both. XOXO
  1. Tofu foaming cleanser SANA Nameraka Honpo Cleansing
The foam that has no ingredients of fragrance or Mineral oil and no color is mixed. In this cleanser there is an extract from soy bean called Phytoestrogen which is said to have similar qualities to Estrogen hormones in female.06It makes our face soft and smooth. I tried and my face was not too dry, feeling fresh. There are instructions when you use. Apply the foam for 1 cm when you don't put on make up and 2-3 cms. for the day you wear make up.We have to stir it until it becomes foamy and soft before we use. How to do it is squeeze some foam out, then add some water on it. Circulate until it becomes foamy or you can use basket to help make it foamy.It could be found at 100 yen shop.
  1. Stylish hair spray
For me any brand is the same. It costs about 200 yen. Why do we need this? Because we need to look good.07Before we step out from the house we curl our hair right? And if we don't use this spray, our curl will look terrible. Japanese guys and girls with nice hair all use this.They didn't wake up and looked like that. This is portable during the day to use anytime we want.P.S. The size of hair spray and mineral water is almost the same so don't get confused when you pick it up to use. Hahaha.
  1. Bioderma
This one is very good. You can use both before and after washing your face to clean it. Or you can use it with cotton until there's no dirty spot left with no need to wash your face.Your face will feel soft like you rinse with water.08I tried oil for rinsing make up before and my eyes hurt so when I came across Bioderma that deeply cleans my skin, I really liked it.Even when I wash my face using cleanser, when I use cotton with Bioderma on my face, I still can see dirty spot.The pink one is softer than the green one. For those whose skin is easy to be allegic to, use the pink one.The big bottle in Thailand costs about 1,250 while in Japan it costs about 600 baht almost 700.But don't be confident because what other people can use, your face might be allegic to it so try buying small portion of each thing first.Japan has lots of starter kit of skin care. It is better than buying big bottle and find you're allegic to it.Try this and these 8 things might be what you need to re-buy like me.Enjoy shopping.Admin Dao MaichaiGuruTokyo
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