5 Items for Summer in Japan

Have you ever imagined that Japan is the cold city and never gets hot or thought that summer in Japan couldn't be as hot as summer in Thailand? You might have seen Nobita feels hot and wondered that it couldn't be that hot. But when I stay here, I can't believe where the heat comes from but it burns my skin and makes my mouth dry. I started to wonder if I was in the desert. So hot in Japan... So today I will recommend some summer items that people from hot country like us shouldn't miss.0First, sunscreen. The sun in japan is as bright as in Thailand. I once walked wearing my flip-flops and my feet turned into two different colors! My face immediately had freckles! So don't forget when you walk out of your place, sunscreen can help. Actually we have so many brands of sunscreen products in Thailland. You should bring them to use here. Or if you don't want to carry them, you can buy in Japan. Just the size is not that big like in Thailand.232. Cooler kit. If you ask what it is, in our country it would be a very small fan but in Japan they have refreshing spray or cooling water powder that makes our skin cool when we use. Or it could be refreshing towel which I really like because sweat and smell will be completely gone and it is cool and refreshing. It is not hard to find. You can find it at any drugstores. The other interesting thing is refreshing towel that you can wrap it around your neck. It is another way to cool you down.4563. UV umbrella. When you come to Japan, umbrella is the important thing. Did you see Japanese girls holding it? Because the sun can burn their beautiful skin easily. Moreover, this country is an island so the weather could change so often. Whether it rains or the sun shines, an umbrella can always help. Lately Japan has umbrella that can reduce the heat. Yes, and the temperature could drop down 11 degrees. Will we miss it? We need it in our bag. Don't bare with the sun or you can faint!7 8 94. Flip-flops. I've been staying here for long but I haven't seen many girls here wear flip-flops. But we Thais want to release our small toes when it's hot so I would prefer being comfortable because we sometimes walk a lot here. If I didn't have flip-flops to help me, how could I survive from the heat? We walk a lot and our feet hurt so don't be shy, bring them. Believe me!105. Money. You can't miss this. Actually it's for sure. In summer everything is on sale so don't miss! Another important thing is keep coins with you always for a vending machine because you better have drinking water with you. Your body could be so dry with the lack of water. I care about you lots xoxo.11Admin Yamapi Maichai guru but I know where cheap things are in Tokyo Page
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