Five must-try activities on the fifth floor of Mount Fuji!

The Japanese always visit Mount Fuji in summer. You are allowed to climb up only few months per year. When you go to Kawakujiko sea, Mount Fuji, which is the symbol of Japan, will be your next destination as well. Anyway, what will we experience there on the fifth floor of Mount Fuji?Fuji2Fuji11. Let's take a selfie with Fuji's top!Fuji3Although the snow actually disappears in summer, or someone wouldn't know where it is, it is still worth our effort to take a photo in order to guarantee that we were once there.Don't forget to take a shot with the sign representing the time when you visited, the level, and how high you climbed up.2. Send Mount Fuji postcardFuji5Fuji4The postcards can be sent around the world. You just choose the receiver's place and the colorful postcards. The staff will put stamp on it. Moreover, it cab be directly sent to your house as a wonderful souvenir.3. Taste Melon bread in Fuji shapeFuji7Fuji6We can find soft cream everywhere right? But here on the fifth floor of Mount Fuji, the melon bread baked in Fuji shape is recommended for this shop. So cute! This shop is recommended on TV and easy to find. It is located near the post office. There is a lot of melon inside.4. Pay respect to Komitake shrineFuji9Fuji8The entrance of Komitake shrine is at the Tori (red pillar) near the souvenir shops. You can pay respect and make a wish there following by taking a photo at scenic point where you can view the Yamanaka lake, the biggest lake of all 5 lakes.5. Buy the souvenirsFuji11Fuji10It is the most difficult decision because there are various kinds of souvenirs for each shop. However, the souvenirs should be in Fuji shape especially cookies. You can have a bite there for food so you can taste it. Don't worry that they are not delicious!If you do all of these activities, it is worth your marvelous trip. Next time, I will go to Mount Fuji again and have a trip review for you as well. If you have a chance to go there, let's try these five experiences!Admin Yamapi, I’m not a guru but I know where cheap things are in Tokyo.