2 Secrets to setting the Dun-go Japanese hair style

Have you ever wondered how to do the Japanese Dun-go hair style and how the Japanese make it so neat? Even when people try it, they need clips or hair spray and yet it still can get messed up by the wind. How come it looks so easy when Japanese girls do it?I have always wondered this since I have always needed a bunch of hair clips, and even then wind quickly destroys it! But today, I found the secret!!!Japanese girls have a secret and today I’m gonna reveal it to all for you! It's the hair setting stick! Just tap it to the fly away hairs and then your dun-go hair style will be perfect!!! I knew it!!!I found out today when I went shopping (as usual haha) and saw a little Japanese girl buying her stuff. I peeked over to see what she was looking at and she noticed I was watching and ran off to the cashier but it was too late! I got her secret hahaha I found out that she grabbed this thing!!!1908149_1116066525077111_1969679128739986305_nThis is called Matomekami! I can't believe I had to wait so long to figure it out! I am sure this is the legend of Dun-go hair style I looking for for years!! ohh11348901_10153273074267822_121231949_nDirections on how to use it are on the package of Matomekami. The shape is short and round just like one of my friends haha she hit me for t hat comment (T_T) You just dab it on you stray hairs and they will stay down all day! Your hair will stay perfect all day without hair spray or wax so it won't feel hard or oily! I really love this ohhh!1510456_1116066538410443_1789649830952616943_nThe pink one is the normal type for everyday use.My friend mistakenly bought the green one, which is the heavy hold! Maybe it'd be good if  you were going to walk down the red carpet with hollywood stars or something, but it feels a bit waxy.11348950_10153273074262822_650593104_nYou can find these in any general drug or cosmetic store, but you can also just show these photos to a staff in the store and they can help you. The price is about 400-500 yen.Maichaigurutokyo

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