10 Cool Beauty Items in 100 Yen shop!

Just like in Thailand, there are 100 yen stores in Japan! Although in Thailand the prices are 60 baht per item. If you have a chance to come to Japan, you should come here because the exchange rate is about 28 baht for 100 yen.In Japan, these shops are great for people who want to save money. There are many items to choose from and everything is 100 yen (108 yen with tax included).  There are items for household products, kitchen, bathroom, decoration, gardening tools, dishes, bowls, pots, everything! But not only that, 100 yen shop has beauty items too. Today I will transform from a bargain hunter to a beauty blogger and select 10 beauty items that you should buy from 100 yen shop. Let's have a look!1. Nail Polish ThinnerThis is to help 'revive' old and dry nail polish!7Sometimes if you forget to close the bottle, nail polish will dry. You do not have to throw it away if it is dry or if there is not much left!. Here's the solution, just add Nail Polish Thinner in the old nail polish bottle and it will work again! How to use is very easy, just get the liquid out using the tool attached in the package. Then drop it into the nail polish bottle. Shake it. Then we can use it again. Beautiful and cheap! This is great!!2. Top Coat Nail PolishTo transform your nail polish colour!16This will help to strengthen your polish! A top coat protects your nail polish and makes it stronger! This means it won't rub off as easily and this stuff can help add a shine to your nail polish! There are matte and glossy types of top coats depending on what you want your nails to look like!3. Velcro hairpinA easier way to hold your hair back!01This item is very cool. It is a hair pin that will not make your hair curly or wavy when you use it.  If you use it instead of a hair pin your hair will stay smooth when you take it out!4. Sponge hair roller11046630_10153267702999369_8053892899536036708_n11026567_10207500057163954_866442454_nThis is a very useful hair curler. You can roll your hair and go to bed and when you wake up, your hair will be beautifully curly. The roll is made of sponge so it is soft when you sleep. Besides, there are many types of roller to choose from depending on what type of curl you want!5. Double eyelid tape11063032_10153122429640610_191325607_nThose lovely big eyes of Japanese girls are just an illusion. This is what they use to achieve that dolly-eyed look. Just put it on your eyelid and use eyeshadow to cover it. Your life will change! These are a one-use item, but luckily one pack has enough for a month! It's even better because these packs are only 100 yen here! Very convenient and cheap!6. Compressed Mask TabletFor re-using face masks!11057608_10153267705024369_9095403658742740047_nThis item is super useful. These tablets can help revive old face masks when you use them so you do not have to buy a new face mask! All you do is put a tablet in the tray and add moisturizer to make a solution to revive your old face masks! Soak it for a while until it's totally wet. Then you can use your old face masks again!7.Eyelash Glue To help keep your lashes on!11051908_10153267704014369_5114428282693830010_n10298926_10153267703634369_696595192896430281_nI really like having big lashes like a barbie doll, like one of those kawaii dolls! I bought eyelash glue from a brand, yet my lashes still ended up falling throughout the day. It is not good to have only one side of eyelashes right? So my friends told me glue at 100 yen shop is the best. I was like.... what? I want to screammm. Why didn't anybody tell me?? So I ran to the 100 yen shop with money in my hand. There are many options to choose from: the black glue for rock girls who like to wear black eyeliner. Or the newbie who might prefer the easy glue with no color that can last the whole day.8.Mascara Guard This helps if you are bad at putting on mascara without getting it on your face!11042987_10153267706169369_662455870898903067_n11041770_10153267706669369_350086288445158565_nThis item is a must have for beginners who are trying to use mascara. Imagine accidentally sneezing when trying to apply mascara. Oh my god, mascara that should be at our eyelashes only ends up on our face! This is not good at all because we end up looking like pandas! And then the next problem is we will be late for work because we have to spend time redoing it. So this tool is very useful to make it easier. Just hold it vertically in front of your eyes. This tool also includes a comb to use when your mascara sticks together or gets lumpy!9. 3 Step Nail File5If you're a fan of manicures this is a must have item!  The pink side is what you use after you cut your nails. Then you use the white side to make them look more clean and shiny, and finally you use the grey side to rub away any unevenness. This is a cheap way to make your nails look fresh and clean!10. Mascara Volume Up black color1110This mascara is made in Korea, which is funny to find it at a Japanese 100 yen shop! This mascara helps to make your eyelashes look fuller and longer. It is also water resistant, but I do not recommend going swimming with it because it may not be completely waterproof! For daily use, it's very useful!Admin Dao Spuknik Papilon Kukkuk, the beauty pro
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